Application for Membership

To the Board of Workability International (the 'Company')

applies for membership of Workability International, subject to the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company and to the Rules.

Membership Category

Please select the membership category you are applying for. Refer to the Membership fee schedule for information on membership categories

  • Full (Standard/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum)
  • Associate (Standard/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum)
  • Sponsored Full

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Details of applying organisation

Full members agree to pay to the Company the sum of £1.00 if the Company is wound up while it is a member or for up to 12 months after it has left the Company.

(including external grants, membership fees & charitable donations)
(US $)

Please enclose a copy of your latest annual financial report or equivalent with this application (applications for sponsored membership only).