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2020 Conference and Annual General Meeting

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Disability at Work and Workability International Virtual Conference, 12 October 2020 

This year’s NDS conference will incorporate the Workability International Conference and will be run as a one-day Virtual Conference due to consequences arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The conference will examine innovative ways to inspire and engage people with disability in employment opportunities. It is aimed at employment service providers (open, supported and social enterprises) and professionals interested in the design and promotion of a broad range of employment opportunities for people with disability in a digital world. Running the event as a Virtual Conference will reflect both the recent events connected with the COVID-19 pandemic and the theme of the event, being the enhanced use of technology to allow virtual connections among interested parties around the globe.

Employment provides vitally important social and economic benefits for people with disability. These benefits include increased health and wellbeing, reduced reliance on welfare, greater financial security, a greater sense of self-worth and a positive role within the community.

A quickly changing global labour market that is seeing increased automation of work presents an opportunity to examine how the application of new technology can complement labour rather than replace it. Rapid developments in assistive technology have the potential to remove barriers to employment for people with disability that may have previously seemed insurmountable. Now more than ever, operating in such a fluid environment requires technological systems that support employment services to have access to the latest knowledge and information. The conference will also explore the extraordinary challenges that have arisen for societies and economies around the world following the COVID-19 pandemic.    

The employment participation rate of people with disability remains unacceptably low in many countries. The Australian Government has recently announced an NDIS Participant Employment Strategy that seeks to ensure an increased number of people with disability receive the supports they need to gain and maintain employment. 

Globally, there are a wide range of employment support models and labour market programs for people with disability. This conference will tap into the knowledge and expertise of international experts who will describe how they are responding to the challenge of finding sustainable employment for people with disability. Call for Papers Submissions are now open and papers must be provided by 30 June 2020.  To access Call for Papers and for registration interest, visit the Disability at Work WEBSITE

Contact information
For general enquiries, please contact Julie Walton, Conference and Events Manager, 02 9256 3115,
For 'Call for Papers' enquiries, please contact Kerrie Langford, Head of Employment and Workforce Innovation, 02 6283 3202, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Disclaimer: National Disability Services Limited (NDS) reserves the right to vary any of the speakers, topics or times without further notice. This event may involve the presentation of information by speakers or other persons (Presentations). The views expressed in any Presentations are not necessarily the views of NDS and NDS does not warrant or represent that the Presentations are accurate or suitable for any specific needs. The Presentations are intended to provide general information only that should not be relied on instead of other legal, medical, financial or professional advice.